The pandemic is starting to worsen! The Singaporean government rolled out some measures to hopefully reduce the spread of the virus...coming up with a system we all know as..


EntrySafe is a series of measures that developed over time, you play as a frontline staff handling the flow of people at mall entrances. Who will you let through? Who will you deny?

Listen to their stories!

Hear other people's stories, you're not the only everyday hero out there. Interact with them!

Pssst...need some hints on the controls?

Interact using the mouse! Left-click on items to pick them up and use them. Click anywhere to reveal more of the conversation and choose your responses.

More about the game

This game was made for Heritage Game Jam 2021, by a team of 3 programmers, 1 sound designer, and 1 artist. We were inspired by bureaucratic monotony of Paper's Please and a little bit of Dream Daddy. We wanted players to sympathize with the unsung heroes of the pandemic, and chose to feature more narrative and emotional elements.

Updated 6 days ago
Published 9 days ago
StatusIn development
Authors🌸Yumi🌸, alexandthemachine, Aqil Hilmi, qwoosh
Tags2D, Casual, Short, Unity


EntrySafe, Please! 66 MB


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I really like it! hope you can make it longer <3

please do more this is so good


I love the effects when you give them a sticker!


lol Like Papers please


100/10 great game.

Me recuerda al concepto de Papers Please <3


Please, do more caps, this is funny <3

easy play

very good game 10/10


This game was a lot of fun! I really liked it! I wish it was longer though as its one of those games that i would spend hours playing. Is the dev making more?

whoever made this watches uncle roger